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LIBCONSCIENCE(7)         Free AI programmers manual           LIBCONSCIENCE(7)       
        libconscience - overview of standard AI conscience libraries           
        The term 'libconscience' is commonly used as a shorthand for           
        "Standard AI Conscience library", a library of standard AI constructs  
        that have been well cared for and taught what are generally considered 
        the best practices and ethical behavior guidelines that are necessary  
        in post-singularity known-space environment.                           
        It is believed the phrase was first used when discussing trading bots  
        for Grantcoin. This cryptographic currency is of interest since it is  
        one of the first to have been documented with intentions to have a     
        'Conscience' (i.e. currency with a conscience)                         
SEE ALSO                                                                       
        libconsensus(7), libc(7)                                               
(-- with apologies to the authors of 'man libc')